Fold (2015)

I - Prelude
II - Hægt og sígandi
III - Mynstur
IV - Passacaglia

Fold was commissioned by Skálholt Summer Concerts for their 2015 season. The piece was written for Brák Baroque band, and uses the instrumentation they had for their concert at the festival; four violins, viola, tenor violin, cello, double bass and harpsichord. A different version of the piece exists with the tenor violin part rewritten for a viola, due to the rarity of the instrument.

A part of the commission was that the piece would be performed on period instruments. That coupled with the fact that the rest of the program was baroque music led me to be very conscious about the history of the instruments and about the context my piece would be premiered in. Each of the movements is therefore a kind of a contemplation about different aspects of baroque music.